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University of Miami


Cinema and Interactive Media

Journalism and Media Management

*CIM 122 Introduction to Game Studies (2 semesters)
CIM 310 Introduction to Game Design (3 semesters)
CIM 610 Designing Playful Experiences (2 semesters)
CIM 111 Web Lab (Intro to Web Design)

*JMM 692/592 Special Topics: Interactives, Toys and Games for Journalism
*JMM 692/592 Special Topics: Video Game Spectatorship and eSports / eSports, Casting and Game Reporting

American University: (All Graduate Courses)


Game Lab


*GAME 605 Games and Society (3 semesters)
*GAME 610 Game Research Methods (2 semesters)

*COMM 596 The Design of Play *COMM 690 Independent Study
*COMM 720: Capstone [GAMES] (2 semesters)
COMM 899 Doctoral Dissertation (3 semesters)

Miami University:


Interactive Media Studies

Art Department

*IMS 222 Interaction Design (6 semesters)
*IMS 212 The Design of Play (4 semesters)
*IMS 390i Digital Prototyping
IMS 455 Game Design (4 Semesters)

IMS 377 Independent Study –Research (5 Semesters) IMS 477 Undergraduate Capstone Thesis (3 semesters) IMS 677 Graduate Independent Study (5 Semesters)

*IMS Game Studio (special 3-week summer course in San Francisco, CA)

IMS 177, 440, 540:  Individual Study student projects

ART 355 Interactive Media Design

Illinois Institute of Art:


Game Art and Design*

Interactive Media / Web Design

GAD 440: Advanced Game Prototyping (6 quarters) GAD 420: Game Prototyping (5 quarters)
GAD 415: Programming for the Artist (7 quarters): GAD 116 Scriptwriting for Games (9 quarters) GAD110: Introduction to Game Design

-Former lead faculty in games at Illinois Institute of Art

IMD 355 Advanced Web Scripting (8 quarters) IMD 215 Web Scripting   (4 quarters)
IMD 200 Scriptwriting for Interactive Media (4 quarters) IMD 101 Introduction to the World Wide Web
IMD 110 Design for Multimedia Display

Media Arts and Animation

Digital Film and Video


MAA 200 Survey of Design and Media Arts (13 quarters)


DFV 201 Scriptwriting for Digital Film/Video (4 quarters)

General Education


GE 110  Computer Literacy (2 quarters)


ITT Technical Schools ( Online)


Strategies for Technical Professionals (3 semesters)


Student Work Examples: Students.LGrace.com

Student Resource: University of Miami |American U. | Miami U. | Illinois Institute of Art

University of Miami [2018 - present]

American University School of CommunicationIn August 2018 I joined the University of Miami as a Knight Chair and Associate Professor in the School of Communication The University of Miami is a A private research university with more than 17,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond. The University comprises 11 schools and colleges serving undergraduate and graduate students in more than 180 majors and programs. UM ranks No. 46 on U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 Best Colleges list and ranked No. 44 in the 2018 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings.

American University [2013 - 2018]

American University School of CommunicationIn August 2013 I joined American University as Associate Professor in Film and Media Arts, to create the American University Game Lab.

American University
American University is a private doctoral institution in Washington, D.C. American has 6,776 undergraduates, 3,464 graduate students, 1,766 law students. The student body is cosmopolitan and globally diverse, with all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 130 countries represented.

American University School of CommunicationAmerican University Game Lab was founded in 2013 as an initiative to teach, study and develop games with purpose. The initiative offers graduate and undergraduate instruction in game design, development and management. It also includes a game production studio to foster the production and assessment of games designed to change people's interests, activities and opinions.

The AU Game Lab was ranked #16, #22, and #21 Graduate Game Design degree by Princeton Review in 2017, 2016, and 2015 respectively.

Work Samples from my American University Graduate Students:

GDC 2015: Narrative Summit Gold Winner: Kimberly H.
GDC 2015: Narrative Summit Gold Winner: Cole W.

American University Jolt Logo News and Games

JoLT is a collaboration between American University’s GameLab and School of Communication tasked with exploring the intersection of journalism and game design.



Miami University [2009-2013]
Armstrong Professor of Creative Arts / Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies

Miaimi UniversityMiami University
Located in Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is a public university of 16,000 students offering strong academics, a vibrant residence life program, and faculty who love to teach and mentor students. For the past few years, Miami has been recognized as a top 3 undergraduate teaching institution by US News and World Report (2011, 2012), ranking among Dartmouth, Princeton and Yale for it's commitment to teaching.

In the news . . .

Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media StudiesThe Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studiesis an interdisciplinary program at Miami Universitythat examines how digital media is disrupting traditional disciplines. Through teaching, research, and experiential opportunities, AIMS is an example of liberal education in a 21st century world.

Princeton Review ranked Miami University a top Game Design Program in 2010, 2011, and 2013

In the news . . .

Work Samples from my Miami University Undergraduate Student:

AI Student Game SamplesFor student work sample highlights please visit http://Students.LGrace.com

Here are a few highlights of work created by my students (iOS and Android, 2012-2013).

Tell Tale Heart GamePolar PlunderMinianda JanesMeowfit

Horse OwnerZombie Racing

PC - Critical Design

Don't kill the cow

Student Research Examples and Publications

Masso, N. Grace, L., 2011. Shapemaker: A game-based introduction to programming. In Proceedings of the 16th international conference of the Computer Games (CGAMES) (Louisville, KY: July 27-30, 2011). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 125-129. DOI= http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/CGAMES.2011.6000334

Grace, L, Smayda, R, Ritcher, D and Al-Mulla, M., The High School Game: An Intergenerational Board Game for Discussing Secondary School Stresses (poster), 8th Games, Learning and Society Conference, Madison, WI (ETC press, 2012)

Grace, L. Quinter, J, McCain, K, Kitchen, D, 2012. Swivelpad: an Active Body Controller. In Proceedings of the 17th international conference of the Computer Games (Accepted presentation) (Louisville, KY: July 27-30, 2012). IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 125-129.

Johnson, L. Game Controllers: A Critical Discussion of Input Devices in Game Design. 2010.

Web resource for all of my classes at Miami University: 2009-Present

Sample Student Work:

Prior: Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago
Associate Professor of Game Art and Design [2003-2009]

Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago
The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago is a fully accreditied commercial art school offering one of the oldest Game Art and Design degree programs in the Midwest, United States. The school is comprised of nearly 3000 students and 250 faculty. Full time instructors teach 14 courses a year, for an average 20 hours per week.

Game Samples: Programming and Prototyping: (hosted remotely on AI server)
GAD415 Programming for the Artist:

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